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The 3D data-visualization is an allegory of my life. Sculpting the imperceptible entity time,the burgeoning form narrates my journey that lead to design. The form is a continuously flowing structure only ceasing until my last breath.

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April 1,  2018/  Barcelona, Spain


A UCaaS platform for web and ios application. Currently under development. Due to confidentiality agreement, cannot disclose further regarding the product. Please get in touch with me to know more about my contribution or check out our website - Unifyme

September 23,  2017/  Barcelona, Spain


A personal research assistant that allows UX designers to aggregate, synthesize and communicate their research findings. Currently the project is being pitched to possible investors and designers.Designed in collaboration with Rebecca Bossart

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April 15,  2018/  Barcelona, Spain

VR Typeset

Typeset for the virtual environment. Currently being designed in collaboration with Creative Director Ksenya Samarskaya ( Type consultant at Apple)

May 24-25,  2018/  Barcelona, Spain

OFFF Festival

Conceptualized, designed and built a real time motion capture installation that lets you experience that brief moment in time when you encounter your digital self. In collaboration with Shivani Sawant.

About the installation

April 12-14,  2018/  Berlin, Germany


Typography in Virtual space, a project in collaboration with Creative Director Ksenya Samarskaya ( Type consultant at Apple)

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Dec 12-Mar 29,  2017/  Fort Kochi, India


The Project was initiated by Urban Citylab Bangalore, India it was the first part of an ongoing research project on the sensory experience of traversing Bangalore’s multi-layered, hyper connected reality.

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I am a UX Designer

Currently working on a UCaaS platform for UnifyMe. Which includes a web based application and user app. Get in touch with me to know more about this project.
Apart from working on applications for mobile and desktop, I also tinker with projects that fuel my creativity like -painting with code, Interactive products etc.

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I am passionate about architecting digital spaces; I constantly experiment with projects of varying scales ranging from an app to a product. In the past I have collaborated with artists on speculative installations, Typography for Virtual spaces to name a few.

My prior background in Architecture has kept me inquisitive regarding how people think,feel and react in the digital realm.

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Juneza has the right attitude, and the right brain for the job. Her key strength appears to be her determination, her ability to work well with others, and her desire to get to the bottom of things and do it correctly. "

— Irene Pereyra
(Creative Director and Co-Founder at Anton & Irene Studio)